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  1. Amazon is Right for Business
    We first highlighted Amazon as a viable option for purchasing tooling and supplies your shop uses everyday. At that time, most major brands had products listed, but the traditional Amazon checkout process lacked when it came to business buying. That changes with the introduction of Amazon Business. Now purchasing through the largest online reseller just [...]
  2. Free CAD/CAM software – Fusion 360
    We review a lot of great products but this one has us scratching our heads… in a GOOD way.  Fusion 360 is a fresh yet comprehensive approach to product development sure to give all CAD competitors a change of underwear. Users of Autodesk Inventor and HSM Works will find themselves in a familiar environment.  Solidworks [...]
  3. Haas TRT100
    The new TRT100 dual-axis rotary table from Haas Automation provides high-speed, accurate, 3+2 positioning and full 5-axis machining of small, complex parts. The unit’s compact size and light weight make the TRT100 the perfect dual-axis solution for small machining centers. Fast indexing speeds ensure short cycle times, and powerful brakes on both axes guarantee extreme [...]
  4. Kaizen Foam – Fast, Easy and Beautiful Tool Storage
    Look at this uber organized setup cart. If you’re tired of tool drawers looking like a rats nest made of steel you’ll appreciate this shop tip.  Unfortunately, it kind of trumps our previous tip of using a lot of magnetic mounts.  However, we’re willing to admit that Kaizen Foam from Fastcap is the best choice [...]
  5. Updated – SmartVac 2 Vacuum Pump
    Pierson Workholding recently updated SmartVac 2 series of vacuum pumps to a cleaner design. The newly redesigned Vacuum Control Unit (VCU) still boasts performance vacuum power of 28″ Hg with extremely efficient air consumption of only 0.8 SCFM. The unit creates this deep vacuum from compressed air entering at 85psi… yes, magical, we know, but [...]
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